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WIOA Conference 2016 Breakout Sessions

WIOA Conference Participants

Below are the Presentation materials for the 2016 WIOA Conference held in Altoona, Iowa June 27-28, 2016

Monday, June 27, 2016


Active Learning in Multilevel English as a Second Language Classroom: Activities to Enhance Teaching - Gisella Aitken-Shadle
Assistive Technology Supports in the Workplace - Panel Discussion
Career Development for Veterans with Significant Barriers to Employment - Bret Anderson
Education, Key Factors to Successful Re-entry - Panel Discussion
Ready, Set, WIOA - Mary Ann Lawrence

Session 2

Disability Awareness - Shannon Myers and Mindy Collins
English for Civic Life: Effective EL/Civics Instruction: Part 1 - Mary Ann Lawrence
Enhanced Collaboration with Google: Part 1 - Martin Moen
Graphing Linear Equations and Quadratic Equations - Beth Deacon
IT Employer Panel - Beth Brinly
Local Youth Service Providers Share Their Stories - Panel Discussion
New Beginnings for Offenders Transitioning from Corrections - John Romeo
Pathways to Success - A New Approach to Student Intake: Part 1 - Panel Discussion
The Employer Forum - Cassandra Halls
WIOA and Career Pathways:  An Introduction: Part 1 - Michelle Carson

Session 3

Beyond the Binary - Gender Issues - Donna Red Wing and Keena Crow
Career Pathways: Part 2 - Mary Ann Lawrence
English for Civic Life: Effective EL/Civics Instruction: Part 2 - DeAnna Coon
Employment Retention for Hard-to-Place Job Seekers - Bret Anderson
Enhanced Collaboration with Google: Part 2 - Martin Moen
Experience Required! - Wendy Greenman
IT Employer Panel Debrief - Beth Brinly
Shared Success Through Integrated Services - Panel Discussion
Pathways to Success - A New Approach to Student Intake: Part 2 - Panel Discussion
Reigniting the Passion in Your Work! Bill Corbett
WIOA and Career Pathways: An Introduction: Part 2 - Michelle Carson

Tuesday June 28, 2016

Session 4

Burlington English Career Pathways - Your WIOA Solution! - Margo Hernandez
Frameworks for Building Strong, Sustainable Career Pathways Systems: State or Local: Part 1 - Libby Livings-Eassa
Generational Poverty - Robert Stensrud
Getting Hard-to-Reach Youth Engaged in Life and Employed - Bill Corbett
Getting Your Team to WILLINGLY Do What  Needs to be Done - Silver Rose
Implementing College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) in the Adult Education Classroom - Panel Discussion
Making Connections with the Adult Learner - Scott Schneider
Networking - The Most Valuable Super Hero Power! - Casandra Halls
Solutions Brainstorm - Beth Brinly
Teaching Mathematics for Reluctant Learners: Part 1 - Cynthia Bell
Videos, Quizzes, a Blog, and More:  Using Technology to Get Results - Jason Walker

Session 5

Adult Education College and Career Readiness Standards and Iowa's 21 Century Employability Skills Standards - Michelle Carson
Designing Adult English Language Learner Programs Beyond the Standardized Tests - Imelda Bangun
Customer Service in the Classroom: Working with Adult English Learners - Laura Smith-Hill
Ethical Ethics Inclusion - Breanne Ward
Frameworks for Building Strong, Sustainable Career Pathways Systems: State or Local: Part 2 - Libby Livings-Eassa
High School Career Days - Mindy Collins
How to Get Employers to WANT to Work with You -  Silver Rose
Integrated Resource Teams - Diane Hernandez
Sector Board Start Up and Engagement - Mary Warren
Sector Partnerships 101: Characteristics of High-Performing Sector Partnerships - Beth Brinly
Teaching Mathematics for Reluctant Learners: Part 2 - Cynthia Bell

Session 6

Business Relationships: What Comes Next - Panel Discussion
Collaboration Between High Schools, IVRS, and Employers - April Stotz
Ethics and Career Pathways Coordination - Robert Stensrud
Forming Sector Partnership - Beth Brinly
Iowa Adult Education Classroom Observation System - Michelle Carson
Iowa's Statewide STEM Program: An Edu-nomic Development Initiative - Jeffrey Weld
Life Skills in Corrections - Jolene Cox and Lanae Greene
Many Agencies, One Path - Panel Discussion
Motivational Interviewing - Richard Clark
Robust Business Services!  Build A Workforce from the Inside Out - Emily Ide
Standards-Based Instruction for Adult Learners of English - DeAnna Coon

Session 7

Adult Education Programs' Impact on the Lives of Immigrants - Charles Pratt
Developing and Managing Industry-Informed Training Pathways - Panel Discussion
Indian Hills Community College English Language Learner Center - Panel Discussion
Maintaining Sector Partnerships Over Time - Beth Brinly
Motivational Interviewing Toolbox - Panel Discussion
Registered Apprenticeships - Greer Sisson
Reverse Job Fair: What it is and how to do one - Panel Discussion
Student Achievement in Reading (STAR), a Evidence-Based Reading Approach - Martha Bell and Cyd Handson
Understanding the Millennial Mindset - Bill Corbett
Utilizing Public-Private Partnership to Advance Career Pathway Development (Microlevels) - Kim Deskin and Diane Hernandez
Work-Based Learning Within a World Class Education, World Class Workforce: The Iowa NGA Policy Academy on Work-Based Learning - Pradeep Koamraju and Jeff Weld

Closing Plenary - Let's Light a Fire - Kasey McCurdy


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