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Teach Iowa

Teach Iowa was established by Iowa Code 256.27 as the site for information regarding all education-related jobs in Iowa’s public schools, non-public schools and area education agencies. Applicants may search for all education-related jobs, including non-teaching positions, by clicking the Search for PK-12 Jobs button.

On Nov. 2, 2020, the application vendor was updated. Applications created in the old website are no longer available; the old application information was not transferred to the new website. Applicants may use the Apply for PK-12 Jobs button to create a general job application, which also may be used to apply for specific jobs. To apply for specific jobs, use the Search PK-12 jobs button on this page, and click on "Apply for this job!" on the job description. Watch a video on the Applicant Experience in Teach Iowa.

The Iowa Department of Education contracts with a vendor to provide Teach Iowa. All technical assistance for the Teach Iowa system is provided by the vendor. Applicants and employers may use the vendor’s Help/Support link for assistance. After creating an account for specific technical issues, users can utilize the support tab from within the system.


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