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World History


The world history standards promote an emphasis on both historical content and historical thinking skills to prepare students with a strong foundation in significant history content, and with the skills necessary to apply historical thinking to any historical context. These are the skills required not only for college and career success, but for effective global citizenship.

Recognize the Interaction Between Individuals and Various Groups

SS-WH.9-12.13. Describe the impact of culture and institutions on societies.

Analyze Civic and Political Institutions

SS-WH.9-12.14. Compare various systems of government, such as monarchies, democracies/republics, empires, and dictatorships, and their methods of maintaining order and/or control. (21st century skills)

Assess the Global Economy

SS-WH.9-12.15. Compare and contrast various economic and labor systems within and across societies.

SS-WH.9-12.16. Examine the ways in which trade, commerce, and industrialization affected societies.

Analyze Global Interconnections

SS-WH.9-12.17. Evaluate the consequences of human made and natural catastrophes on global trade, politics, and human migration.

SS-WH.9-12.18. Assess impact of conflict and diplomacy on international relations.

Analyze Human Population Movement and Patterns

SS-WH.9-12.19. Explain the influence of human migrations on patterns of settlement and culture.

Analyze Change, Continuity, and Context

SS-WH.9-12.20. Evaluate methods used to change or expand systems of power and/or authority.

SS-WH.9-12.21. Investigate cultural advancements within societies with attention to belief systems, ideologies, the arts, science and technology.

SS-WH.9-12.22. Analyze the influence of social, political and economic developments on gender roles and social status.

Critique Historical Sources and Evidence

SS-WH.9-12.23. Critique primary and secondary sources of information with attention to the source of the document, its context, accuracy, and usefulness of sources throughout world history.

Compare Perspectives

SS-WH.9-12.24. Examine and explain how the perspectives of individuals and societies impact world history.

Justify Causation and Argumentation

SS-WH.9-12.25. Determine multiple and complex causes and effects of historical events within world history.

Iowa History

SS-WH.9-12.26. Assess Iowans or groups of Iowans who have influenced world history.