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The geography standards emphasize the human and physical characteristics of geography. The standards promote the use of multiple geographic tools in order to frame issues and solve problems in both a local and global context.

Create Geographic Representations

SS-Geo.9-12.13. Employ maps to display and explain the spatial patterns of human and environmental characteristics.

SS-Geo.9-12.14. Integrate multiple geographic representations to explain relationships between the locations of places and regions and their political, cultural, and economic dynamics.

SS-Geo.9-12.15. Use geographic data to analyze variations in the spatial patterns of human and/or environmental characteristics at multiple scales.

Evaluate Human Environment Interaction

SS-Geo.9-12.16. Analyze relationships and interactions within and between human and physical systems to explain reciprocal influences.

SS-Geo.9-12.17. Analyze how environmental and cultural characteristics of various places and regions influence political and economic decisions.

SS-Geo.9-12.18. Evaluate the impact of human settlement activities on the environmental and cultural characteristics of specific places and regions.

Analyze Human Population Movement and Patterns

SS-Geo.9-12.19. Analyze the reciprocal relationship between historical events and the spatial diffusion of ideas, technologies, cultural practices and the distribution of human population.

SS-Geo.9-12.20. Assess the impact of economic activities and political decisions on urban, suburban, and rural regions.

Analyze Global Interconnections

SS-Geo.9-12.21. Analyze how changes in the environmental and cultural characteristics of a place or region influence spatial patterns of trade and land use.

SS-Geo.9-12.22. Evaluate how economic globalization and the expanding use of scarce resources contribute to conflict and cooperation within and among countries.

SS-Geo.9-12.23. Analyze the consequences of human-made and natural catastrophes on global trade, politics, and human migration.

Iowa History

SS-Geo.9-12.24. Identify and evaluate Iowans or groups of Iowans who have influenced Iowa’s environmental or cultural geography.