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Legislative Information - 2021 Archive

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2021 Legislative Reports

Adult Education and Literacy Annual Report Fiscal Year 2020

Annual Condition of Education Report: 2020

Annual Condition of Iowa's Community Colleges 2020

Anti-bullying Legislative Report

Charter and Innovation Zone Schools in Iowa Report 2019-20

Child Development Coordinating Council Annual Report

Closing Achievement Gaps

Community College Additional Information FY2020 Annual Report

Early ACCESS Legislative Report

Early Childhood Assessments Legislative Report

Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Report 2021

High Needs Schools Legislative Report

Iowa Autism Council Legislative Report 2021 Priorities

Iowa Community Colleges 260G ACE Infrastructure Report FY20

Iowa Department of Education 2020 Infrastructure Report

Iowa Interstate Compact Commission for Military Children Academic Year 2019-2020

Iowa Dyslexia Board Legislative Report 2020

Iowa Reading Research Center Legislative Report

Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Legislative Report 2021

Iowa Work-based Learning Intermediary Network Fiscal Year 2020

Online Learning in Iowa Annual Report 2021

Pathways for Academic Career and Employment (PACE) Report Fiscal Year 2020

School Association Reporting FY 2020

School District COVID-19 Impact for Budget Year 2019-2020

Secure an Advanced Vision for Education (SAVE) Annual Report FY 2020

Senior Year Plus STEM Legislative Report

Special Education Federal Report

Teacher Leadership and Compensation Legislative Report 2020

Transportation Equity Program Legislative Report

Workforce Training and Economic Development Fund Annual Progress Report 2020

2021 Guidance and Updates on Legislation

2021 Legislative Session Summary of Changes Affecting Schools

2021 Legislation Webinar Series

  1. Intellectual Freedom, Diversity Training, and Pledge of Allegiance (Presentation Slides)
    Provides a summary of the requirements outlined in the Intellectual Freedom, Diversity Training, and Pledge of Allegiance guidance.
  2. Open Enrollment and Athletic Eligibility (Presentation Slides)
    Provides a high-level summary of changes to athletic eligibility and open enrollment.
  3. School Accreditation and Improvement and Physical Education Updates (Presentation Slides)
    Provides a summary of the School Accreditation and Improvement guidance and updates to the Physical Education (PE) and High School Programs guidance.
  4. Charter Schools (Presentation Slides)
  5. School Finance and Fiscal Guidance (Presentation Slides)
    Provides a summary of the School Business and Fiscal guidance, which is an overview of bills impacting school finance from the 2021 legislative session.