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Legislative Information - 2012 Archive

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2012 Legislative Reports

Administrator Evaluation Task Force Final Report

Branstad-Reynolds Administration Recommendations for World-Class Schools

Charter and Innovation Zone Schools in Iowa Annual Report (December 2012)

Early ACCESS Governors Report (2012)

Early Childhood Assessment Task Force Final Report

Education Association Reporting

Instructional Time Task Force Final Report

Interstate Compact on Education of Military Children

Iowa Autism Council 2013 Priorities (December 2012)

Iowa Core Annual Report (2012)

Iowa Early Intervention Block Grant Program (Class Size) 2011-2012

ICN Report Assumptions and Comments 2011-2012

Kindergarten Literacy Assessment Preliminary Report (2012)

Modified Allowable Growth for Dropout Prevention Annual Report (2012)

SAVE/SILO Annual Report (2012)

Special Education Federal Reports (December 2012)

Special Education Federal Reports (July 2012)

Statewide Research and Development Report (2012)

Student Achievement, Accountability and Professional Development Annual Report (2012)

Task Force on Early Childhood Assessment Final Report (2012)

Teacher Leadership and Compensation Task Force Final Report

Teaching Standards and Teacher Evaluation Task Force Final Report

The Annual Condition of Education Report (2012)

The Annual Condition of Iowa's Community Colleges (2012)


2012 Guidance and Updates on Legislation

2012-12-21 Letter to the Field - Content Assessment for Teachers of Japanese Language

2012-10-03 Letter to the Field - Change in 5-12 History Content Exam

2012-09-20 Letter to the Field - Short Term Exemption for Pedagogy Assessment

2012-09-18 Letter to the Field - Practitioner Preparation Program Assessments 

2012-07-12 Letter to the Field - 2012 Legislative Session - Statutory Changes Affecting Schools