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Legislative Information


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The Iowa Legislature website contains information on the Senate/House, Legislators, Legislation, Committees, Iowa Law and Rules, Legislative Agencies, Publications, Resources and Civic Education, Lobbyist Information, and Archives.

Legislative Notifications

The Department of Education provides two types of legislative notifications, Legislative Update and Legislative Action Alert.

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Legislative Update

Legislative Update is a weekly newsletter each Friday of the legislative session from the Department's policy liaison.


Legislative Action Alert

A Legislative Action Alert is an email message informing stakeholders of enacted legislation requiring the immediate attention of the field. Alerts are issued as needed during the legislative session.


Legislative Reports

Iowa Department of Education reports required by Iowa Code and other education reports of interest.




Additional Data Report FY 2022

Adult Education and Literacy Annual Report 2022

Annual Condition of Iowa's Community Colleges 2022

Annual Condition of Education Report: 2022

Antibullying Program Report 2023

Artisanal Butchery Report 2022

Charter Schools and Innovation Zone School Report 2021-22

Charter Schools Program Finding and Recommendation Report 2022

Child Development Coordinating Council Annual Report 2022

Closing the Achievement Gap Report 2023

Commission on Educator Leadership and Compensation Report 2022

Early ACCESS Council Governor's Report 2022

Enrich Iowa Report Fiscal Year 2022

Gap Tuition Assistance Program Report FY22

Incidents of Violence That Result in Injury or Property Damage Report 2022

Infrastructure Status Report 2022

Interstate Compact on Education of Military Children

Iowa Association of School Boards Annual Report (SAR) 2022

Iowa Autism Council 2023 Priorities Report

Iowa Community Colleges 260G ACE Infrastructure Report FY22

Iowa Dyslexia Board Legislative Report 2022

Iowa Reading Research Center Legislative Report FY 2022

Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Legislative Report 2023

Kindergarten Literacy Assessment Legislative Report 2023

Online Learning in Iowa Annual Report 2021-22

Pathways for Academic Career and Employment (PACE) Program Report FY 2022

SAVE/SILO Report FY 2022

Senior Year Plus Program Report 2022

Special Education Federal Reports FY 2023

Special Education Support for Students at Nonpublic Schools Task Force Report 2022

Statewide Work-Based Intermediary Network Report FY 2022

Supplemental Assistance for High-Need Schools Report 2023

Workforce Training and Economic Development (WTED) Fund Annual Report 2022

Archive Legislative Reports

Guidance and Updates on Legislation

Official guidance and updates from the Department regarding education legislation. Each document provides further detail about requirements of specific state or federal legislation.


Model Policies for Discipline of Students Who Make Threats of Violence or Cause Incidents of Violence

2023 Legislative Session Summary of Changes Affecting Schools

Archive Guidance and Updates on Legislation