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Update on amendments to open enrollment rules

Published September 2017

The State Board of Education recently made technical revisions to the rules on open enrollment. Those rules are effective on  Aug. 9. Read the rules amendments at the following link:

The first set of revisions involved changes required by House File 2336 in 2016. Item 1 of the rulemaking updates the mechanism for sharing the teacher leadership supplement between resident and receiving districts. Item 2 establishes that payment from the resident district to the receiving district is February 15 and July 15.

The second set of revisions involved updates to terminology and internal cross-references for students receiving special education services. The amended rules retain the requirement that the receiving district must consult with the resident district and relevant area education agencies before approving an open enrollment application. The rules retain the requirement that the Area Education Agency director of special education will make a determination about the appropriateness of the resident district’s special education program if there is a dispute, which is reviewable under procedural safeguards. The rules clarify that the resident district is a member of the child’s Individualized Education Program team.

If you have any questions about the fiscal provisions of this rule-making, contact Tom Cooley at . For questions about special education law, contact Thomas Mayes at For general open enrollment questions, contact Sara Nickel at

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