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Published April 2014

In 2013, the Iowa Legislature created a statewide online job posting system called The purpose of is twofold: 1) To be a one-stop shop for educators to look and apply for jobs in Iowa; and 2) to allow the state to have better data for tracking teacher shortages or high-need positions.

The statute (Iowa Code § 256.27(2)) requires school districts, charter schools, or area education agencies summit all of its job openings to the department for posting on the system. The Department interprets all job openings to mean just that – all openings. This includes those items that are posted as internal openings only. A good rule of thumb is if your local contract requires the opening to be posted either internally or externally, then it should be posted on By posting all openings both internally and externally, the Department receives more complete information and data on teacher openings and high-need positions. does have the capability to allow districts to designate postings as internal and external postings and to turn off the “apply” button on specific postings.

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