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Suspension, State Board upholds local board decision on

Published April 2015

In a recent appeal to the State Board of Education, the board upheld the decision of the local school district to suspend a student for the remainder of the 2014-15 school year. The case involved a student who was involved in four separate incidents of vandalism to the school’s property. The local board received a recommendation from administration to expel the student but instead opted to suspend the student for the remainder of the school year and serve the student through Four Oaks. The parents appealed on the basis that this was not the preferred educational placement for A.W.

The State Board is required to affirm the decision of the local board unless the local board’s decision is “unreasonable and contrary to the best interest of education.” In re Jesse Bachman, 13 D.o.E. App. Dec. 363 (1996). Thus, the test is reasonableness. The Board found that the punishment ordered by the local board was reasonable in light of the circumstances. Thus, the Board upheld the decision of the local board.

In re Suspension of A.W., 27 D.o.E. App. Dec. 587 (2015).

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