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School Nurses - Practice and Regulation

Published September 2014

On Aug.19, the Iowa Board of Nursing issued a memorandum to the Iowa Department of Education’s nursing consultant regarding the Practice and Regulation of School Nurses. The letter was in response to questions from the field regarding the appropriate qualifications for school nurses. Here is a short summary of those requirements. At a minimum, a school nurse shall be a Registered Nurse (RN). A Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) may not be employed or practice as an independent school nurse. However, an LPN may practice nursing in a school setting under the supervision and direction of an RN or physician in the same building. An LPN may also provide nursing care to specific students under the supervision and delegation of an RN employed by the district. For additional questions, contact Melissa Walker at or 515-281-5327.

2014-08-19 Practice and Regulation of School Nurses Memorandum - The entire text of the memorandum.

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