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Good Conduct Rules over the summer

Published June 2018

Do you think good conduct rules don’t apply over the summer? Think again. I wanted to share this old case with you that serves as a reminder that even though a student is on summer break, a school’s good conduct rule can subject the student to discipline for behavior over the summer in the right set of circumstances.

In 2000, the Iowa Court of Appeals held that a district’s good conduct rule applied to the conduct that occurred over the summer, outside the state, outside the country, and was otherwise legal. The facts of this case involved a 17-year-old student who drank beer in Germany (where the legal age to drink is 16) while on a summertime trip arranged by the school district, approved by the board, and chaperoned by a high school teacher.  All students were informed before they left on the trip that if any of them drank beer or alcohol while in Germany, they would be punished under the district’s good conduct rule. Finally, since this was not the student’s first violation of the good conduct rule, the court found the board’s punishment of a 12-month suspension from all extra-curricular activities was not unreasonable.

See full case: Martin v. Marshalltown Community School District (No. 00-154 | March 28, 2001)

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