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Emergency Operations Plans and Confidentiality

Published April 2019

As you are all finishing up work on your emergency operations plans for your district remember your Emergency Operations Plan is to remain confidential and to be discussed in closed session prior to board approval. Iowa Code section 280.30 - High-quality School Building Emergency Operations Plans states, “The plan shall be confidential and shall not be a public record subject to disclosure under chapter 22.” If someone were to ask you for a copy of your plan, you are legally authorized to deny them access to your plan. Below is the code reference to explain the reason to hold a closed session and a sample motion provided by IASB.

Under Iowa Code, Chapter 21.5, the reason for holding a closed session must be announced and entered in the minutes. The reason must be for one of the reasons specified in the law. The following is a sample motion for having a closed session:

“I move that we hold a closed session as authorized by section 21.5(1)(a) of the open meetings law to review or discuss records which are required or authorized to be kept confidential.

Printed from the Iowa Department of Education website on October 19, 2021 at 10:21am.