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Athletic Reminders

  1. Sharing Agreements – If a district has a cooperative sharing agreement with another district to share athletics, remember that anyone who is enrolled as a student, whether it is through residency or open enrollment, is eligible to participate in that sport. Districts cannot exclude students who open enroll into the districts from participation in sports.
  2. Alternative Schools and Activities Programs – Remember, if you have an alternative school in your district, you are required to have an activities program at the school. That does not mean that you must have all activities that you offer at another school, but you should have some activities available for your students to participate in. This can be sports, drama, speech, or other activities.
  3. Scholarship Rule – We are exploring rules to address students who have to sit out twice for a bad grade. Sometimes this is referred to as double jeopardy. Please keep your eye open for a change in the rule to eliminate double jeopardy.
  4. Dead Week – After discussions with the activities unions, the Department will be putting forth rules which will allow the unions and activities associations to set a dead week during the summer. Please keep your eye open for this rule change.

Printed from the Iowa Department of Education website on September 24, 2022 at 10:04pm.