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Iowa schools are governed by various rules, laws, and regulations set by local (community), state, and federal policymakers and lawmakers.

Administrative Rules Process and Calendar

View current Department of Education Administrative Rules from notification through adoption.

Administrative Appeal Procedures

How to prepare an appeal to the Iowa State Board of Education or the Director of the Iowa Department of Education.

Administrative Appeal Decisions

When an appeal is filed with the Department and a hearing is held, an administrative law judge writes a proposed decision based on testimony and evidence presented during the hearing. A final decision is then issued by either the Director (CACFP, Transportation, and Athletic) or the State Board of Education (all others except Special Education).

When an appeal is filed with the Department about a special education issue, an administrative law judge hears testimony and writes a final decision.

Iowa Code

The term "Iowa Code" refers to any statute that is enacted by the legislature and signed by the Governor. At times, Iowa Code dictates that a state agency should develop additional Iowa Administrative Code (also simply called rules) to further define or operationalize a given piece of Iowa Code. Both have the force of law once put in place.

Iowa Administrative Code

Administrative Rules are written by state agencies to implement laws passed by the Legislature. Proposed Rules must have a public hearing and be approved by the Administrative Rules Review Committee. Upon approval, they have the force of law.