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Iowa Academic Standards are reviewed on an ongoing basis

A rigorous public input and review process is a crucial component of developing high-quality academic standards. In Iowa, the Department follows Executive Order 83, which mandates a process for the citizenry to review and provide feedback on the Iowa Academic Standards on a continual basis. Therefore, the Iowa Academic Standards, both required and recommended, continually undergo public input, vetting, and scrutiny before being officially recommended for adoption to the Iowa State Board of Education.

Review Process

A team of educators, business leaders, parents, and other relevant stakeholders is appointed by the Director to conduct each review. During public meetings, these teams examine current Iowa Academic Standards, available national standards or frameworks in the content area, other states' standards, and research related to the specific content areas. After identifying this set of proposed standards, the review team utilizes multiple feedback measures in order to gather statewide public input. The members of the review team closely analyze the patterns in the collected stakeholder feedback data to inform any revisions to the proposed standards. Final recommendations are sent to the Iowa State Board of Education for approval.