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Due Process Hearings (Dispute Resolution)


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When a due process hearing is requested, many requirements and rights are initiated. This can be stressful process - timelines must be met and attorneys are typically involved. Additionally, a resolution meeting must be offered within 15 days of a request being received by all parties. The following information is intended to help the reader understand this process better.

Model Request Form

The following form is one way to file an official due process hearing request with the state:

Model Form - Due Process Complaint (Request for Due Process Hearing)

Resolution Meeting

A resolution meeting must be held within 15 calendar days of the school district and AEA receiving notice of due process complaint, unless both parents and school waive that right. The following brochure that explains this meeting in more detail:

AEA Mediation Process Brochure - A brochure providing a brief overview of what to expect during the AEA Mediation Process.

If the parents, school district, and AEA agree to hold a resolution meeting, the following form needs to completed:

Agreement to Hold Resolution Meeting

Tips for a Resolution Meeting

The following materials provide tips for conducting a resolution meeting and includes commonly asked questions:

Tips for LEA-AEA When Conducting a Resolution Meeting

State Rules

Selected Rules on Due Process Complaints and Due Process Decisions - Contains a section of the Iowa Administrative Rules of Special Education which explains due process hearings according to state law.

Administrative Appeal Decisions

View due process decisions by clicking on the link above and filtering the list by "Special Education."