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School Transportation Advisory Groups


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Maintenance and Inspection Advisory Council

The purpose of the Maintenance and Inspection Advisory Council is as an advisory group and sounding board for the school bus inspection team when issues arise that aren't directly addressed by guidance or rule. The school bus inspection team inspects over 8000 school vehicles twice every school year. While most inspection concerns and issues meet accepted criteria, there will on occasion arise a question, concern, or issue that needs additional input for clarification of how to proceed. The council advises and works with the inspection team to help all parties to proceed in a fair and understandable manner. There are both permanent and rotating members on the council. The permanent members are from the Department of Education transportation team, while the rotating members include both transportation directors and mechanics from around the State of Iowa. A formal meeting is held once a year, while specific issues are addressed on an as needed basis via electronic communications.

Name Organization Email
Tony Bos Transportation Director, Sergeant Bluff-Luton CSD
Jill Gillis Lead Tech, Washington CSD
Troy Griffith Transportation Director, Perry CSD
David Johnson Transportation Director, Van Meter CSD
Mike Kennedy Transportation Director, Boone CSD
Jason Logan Lead Tech, Indianola CSD
Randy Merrigan Lead Tech, Sioux City CSD
Tammy Oaks Transportation Director, Tipton CSD
Leo Reigelsbeger Transportation Director, Humboldt CSD
Max Christensen Department of Education
Joe Funk Department of Education
Tom Simpson Department of Education
Verlan Vos Department of Education

Transportation Advisory Group

The purpose of the Transportation Advisory Group is to discuss transportation concerns and problems as they arise throughout the year and to help forge solutions to these various types of school transportation issues. The group serves as a sounding board for the school transportation community in Iowa. Members are invited by the Bureau of School Business Operations. The members are from around the state, and all have a vested interest in school transportation, and includes both permanent and rotating members. The permanent members are from the Department of Education transportation team, along with the Executive Director of the Iowa Pupil Transportation Association. Rotating members include transportation directors, transportation dispatchers and administrative assistants, the Iowa State Patrol, superintendents, transportation contractors, transportation networking companies, and school bus driver inservice instructors. Meetings are typically held twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

Name Position Organization Email
Chris Darling Executive Director Iowa Pupil Transportation Association
Tom Lamansky Transportation Director Cardinal CSD
Rod Larson Public Resource Officer Iowa State Patrol
Mike McCrory Owner/Operator Kids Zoom
Randy Meyer Contractor North Iowa Bus
Tyfani Nagy District Manager First Student, Inc.
Robin Pickard Transportation Director West Des Moines CSD
Staci Tull Administrative Assistant Clarke CSD
Jeff Wellik Transportation Director Roland-Story CSD
Clark Wicks Superintendent Perry CSD
Robin Pickard Transportation Director West Des Moines CSD
Max Christensen Executive Officer Department of Education
Kassandra Cline Bureau Chief Department of Education
Joe Funk District Mechanic Department of Education
Holli Marolf Secretary 2 Department of Education
Tom Simpson District Mechanic Department of Education
Verlan Vos District Mechanic Department of Education