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Secure an Advanced Vision for Education (SAVE)


This funding stream was formerly known as the statewide school infrastructure sales and services tax and also known as the local option sales and services tax for school infrastructure.

Moneys received for school infrastructure purposes shall be utilized solely for school infrastructure needs or school district property tax relief. "School infrastructure" means those activities for which a school district is authorized to contract indebtedness and issue general obligation bonds under Iowa Code section 296.1, except those activities related to a teacher's or superintendent's home or homes.

These activities include the construction, reconstruction, repair, demolition work, purchasing, or remodeling of schoolhouses, stadiums, gyms, field houses, and bus garages and the procurement of schoolhouse construction sites and making of site improvements and those activities for which revenues under Iowa Code section 298.3 or section 300.2 may be spent. Additionally, "school infrastructure" includes the payment or retirement of outstanding bonds previously issued for school infrastructure purposes, and the payment or retirement of bonds issued under Iowa Code section 423E.5.

After July 1, 2008, all local sales and services taxes for school infrastructure purposes are replaced by the increase in the state sales, services, and use taxes from five to six percent (Iowa Code section 423F.2).

SAVE FAQ – This document answers questions on Revenue Purpose Statements, sharing proceeds and joint projects, borrowing, budgeting, accounting and auditing, uses of funds, Certificates of Need, and reorganization and dissolution implications for SAVE and outstanding revenue bonds.


History of local option elections – This chart shows the local option sales and services tax for school infrastructure election and effective dates and percent of tax by county. The chart also shows if the election passed and the number and percent of yes or no votes. These elections occurred between 1998 and 2008.

SAVE Annual Report

Secure an Advanced Vision for Education (SAVE) Annual Report FY2018 (listed under 2019 Legislative Reports)

The summary below provides the district-by-district data used to compile the annual report to the legislature, which is from the districts' Certified Annual Report (CAR) and Facilities, Elections, and Sales Tax submissions.

FY19 SAVE Report District Data


Local Option Tax Information for Local Government – This is a link to local option tax information for school districts on the website of the Iowa Department of Revenue.

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