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School Business Alerts


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Beginning in the 1989-1990 school year, the Department provided to school business officials in districts and area education agencies (AEA) information on new initiatives or emerging issues in school business management in an electronic newsletter, called the School Business Alert. Now state and national professional associations are providing school business officials with similar information. The Department continues to provide some emails periodically to school business officials directly or through their professional associations of information to highlight. A copy of those recent School Business Alert emails are posted here.  Past issues are available upon request.


January 2021 School Business Alert

December 2020 School Business Alert

November 2020 School Business Alert

October 2020 School Business Alert

September 2020 School Business Alert

August 2020 School Business Alert

July 2020 School Business Alert


2019-20 School Business Alerts


2018-19 School Business Alerts


Uniform Financial Accounting Manual

Uniform Administrative Procedures Manuals - School Districts and AEAs

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