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Budgets, School Districts

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A school district exists to educate school age children by operating schools or contracting for educational services. Taxes may be levied by such publicly operated agencies for school purposes. A school district is also called a local education agency (LEA) and is a school corporation.

Contact for School District Certified Budgets: John Parker, Department of Management
Contact for School Finance Tools: Kassandra Cline, 515-326-2242

Budget Guarantee Changes and Property Tax Implications Presentation

Budget Guarantee Calculator

Budget Guarantee Estimator

Unspent Balance Projection Calculator

Financial Indicators

Explanation of Financial Measures

Financial Reports

Regular Program State Cost

Budget Year Regular Program State Cost
2021-2022 $7,227
2020-2021 $7,048
2019-2020 $6,880
2018-2019 $6,736
2017-2018 $6,664

For the Regular Program District Cost, see Maximum Tuition Rates.


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