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Move for Thought Pre-K and K


Move for Thought is a resource to increase physical activity opportunities for pre-K and Kindergarten. The strategies can be used to meet physical activity needs, improve physical literacy and fundamental gross motor skills, and develop physical, cognitive, social and emotional skills. The kit was developed by Spyridoula Vazou, PhD, and Jacqueline Krough, M.S. from Iowa State University as part of an Iowa Team Nutrition Grant (USDA Funded).

Move for Thought Kit

Training Resources

  • Move 4 Thought Video - Move 4 Thought for Pre-K and K resource introduction and promotional video.
  • Move for Thought Webinar - Delivered in train-the-trainer format includes slides and talking points to be used when providing the Move for Thought training to staff.
  • Move for Thought Presentation - CACFP Center Directors and Home Sponsors can deliver the training to their staff and home providers, which can count towards 1 hour of CACFP continuing education credit. 

The Move for Thought Training is listed in the DHS training registry and is offered by ISU Extension Specialists as in-person workshops counting towards 2 hours of DHS continuing education in CDA content area: Planning a Safe, Healthy Learning Environment. This will be the only way staff and home providers can earn DHS credit.

Move for Thought Activities in Separate Files: Great to Promote in Monthly Newsletters!

1. Animal Antics 2. Bear Hunt 3. Books in Motion 4. Dance, Dance, Dance 5. Emotions Soup 6. Emotions with Sounds 7. Find Your Pair 8. First, Next, Last 9. Jump the Opposites 10. Leaf Man 11.Learning Pond 12. Monarch Mania 13. Mouse Count 14. Move Around 15. Napkin Game16. Rhyme Light 17. The Snowy Day Walk 18. Walk with Sounds 19. Water Cycle 20. Yoga Time 21. Across the Bridge 22. Alphabet Hop 23. Alphabet Spinner 24. Balance Puzzles 25. Body Bowling 26. Brown Bear Parachute 27. Crazy Ball 28. Knock it Down Numbers 29. Messed Up Train 30. Mixed Crossover 31. Obstacle Course Story 31. Obstacle Course Story 32. Standing Long Jump 33. Hide the Bean Bag 34. Mosquito Tag 35. Rhyming Rhino 36. Socks 37. Standing Duck Goose 38. Storm 39. Swat the Fly 40. Wall to Wall 41. Ankles, Elbows, Feet & Seat 42. As If 43. Busy Bee 44. Caterpillar 45. Exercise, Exercise 46. Freeze Dance 46. Freeze Dance 47. I am Getting Ready 48. I Say, You Say   49. If You’re Happy 50. It’s Hot Today 51. Jump to the Door 52. Letters Are Lost 53. Magic Key 54. Oh When We March 55. Stinky Feet 56. Wiggle Sticks 57. Zoom Around A-Z

Music Lyrics

Book Titles

Music Files

01 - Wiggly Giggily
02 - It's Hot Today
03 - First Next Last
04 - Clickety Clack
05 - If You're Happy
06 - Tocatta
07 - Freeze
08 - Rain is Falling
09 - I'm Getting Ready
10 - Saints Go Marching
11 - I Really Gotta Jump

Supporting Files

For more information, please contact Spyridoula Vazou, PhD at

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