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Fruit and Vegetable Tasting Resources


The resources below assist in classroom education while tasting a new fruit or vegetable.

Taste Testing Tips 

  • Allow the children to explore the new food item, look, touch, and, smell.
  • Share information about the food. The more they know, the more willing they may be to try it.
  • Teach the children the guidelines for polite food tasting.
  • Offer small tastes of a food first. Never force a child to eat a food.
  • Be a role model and the food with them.
  • Offer new foods first to children willing to try new things. Watching a peer eat a food can help the most reluctant eater bud into a food taster.

Fact Sheets - The more students know about a food, the more willing they may be to try it. Display on the classroom Smart Board or lead a discussion using the interesting facts while tasting a new fruit or vegetable.

Great Tasters Poster - Provides reminders to students about polite taste testing practices. 

Hand Washing Sign - Encourages students to wash their hands before eating in a fun and engaging way. Hand washing facts are provided.

Tips to Conduct a Taste Test - Guide to help plan a taste testing event that include a series of questions to think through the logistics. 

What Am I? - Fun fruit and vegetable prompts that can be read as morning announcements or displayed as health messages on TV monitors.

Pick-a-Better Snack Nutrition Education Lessons - Collection of lessons for elementary classrooms featuring a variety of fruits and vegetables. 

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