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CACFP Online Trainings


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How Do I Access the Online Trainings?

Certificates of Completion

  • Certificates are available to download and/or print after the participant successfully completes a module (80% score required).
  • If completed on a mobile device, screenshot the certificate as documentation.

DHS Credit

CACFP Iowa Learning Online Professional Development training is automatically tracked on the DHS Iowa’s Early Childhood and School Age Professional Workforce Registry (i-PoWeR) when you have a linked DHS ID. Contact for assistance with i-PoWeR.

Joining the CACFP

Joining the CACFP provides training and step by step guidance on how to apply for CACFP for home providers and center staff. The 3 lessons include:

•    CACFP Overview and Benefits provides an overview of the CACFP and describes the benefits of participating. This lesson answers common, frequently asked questions.
•    New Organization Eligibility provides a description of CACFP eligibility requirements for centers. 
•    New Organization Application Process - How to Apply for the CACFP explains the steps to apply to participate in the CACFP.

The course provides 1 hour DHS credit hour for center staff. Family child care home providers only need to complete lesson one and are not eligible to earn credit hours for completion of this informational lesson.

Steps to Success

The Steps to Success Online Training Modules covers basic CACFP administration. The CACFP authorized representative must complete all modules applicable to their organization. Other staff may register for one or more sessions. At least one person from new centers (the owner of for-profit organizations and authorized representative for all organizations) must complete all modules of the core workshop and any additional modules that pertain to the center. A test must be completed over each module with a score of 80% or higher in order to receive a certificate.

Below are some of the modules available:

  • Menu Planning (3 training credit hours)
  • Food Production Records (2 training credit hours)
  • Income Applications (2 training credit hours)
  • Civil Rights (0.5 training credit hour)
  • Infant Feeding and Recordkeeping (1 training credit hour)
  • Feeding Infants in the CACFP Handbook (2 training credit hours)
  • Adult Care (0.5 training credit hour)

CACFP Wellness Courses

The following online training modules were developed through Team Nutrition grants for CACFP participants:

Feeding Infants in the CACFP

Pick from a variety of lessons to create a training that best fits your needs. The Feeding Infants in the CACFP modules were created using the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Feeding Infants in the CACFP guide and corresponding training tools. Each 30 minute lesson contains a webcast, practice questions, resources, and a certificate of completion. The lesson topics are listed below:

Lesson 1: Overview of the CACFP Infant Meal Pattern
Lesson 2: Identifying and Responding to Hunger and Fullness Signs
Lesson 3: Creating a Breastfeeding Friendly Environment in a Child Care Site
Lesson 4: Storing and Handling Breast Milk in a Child Care Site
Lesson 5: Selecting, Storing, and Handling Infant Formula in a Child Care Site
Lesson 6: Bottle Feeding and Introducing a Cup
Lesson 7: Developmental Readiness for Solid Foods
Lesson 8: Infant Feeding Skills and Modifying Food Textures
Lesson 9: Creditable Infant Foods: Part 1
Lesson 10: Creditable Infant Foods: Part 2