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Title V - Part A - Innovative Programs (NCLB)

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In 2017, No Child Left Behind (NCLB) was replaced by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). For current content, see the ESSA webpage.

Note: While NCLB is no longer in place, certain NCLB guidance documents remain in effect. As we transition from NCLB to full implementation of ESSA, updated guidance will be available on the ESSA Guidance webpage.

Through the transferability of funds from other designated Title programs, districts may support high-quality, innovative educational programs according to Title V-A guidelines. The funds can be used for a broad range of areas and activities to improve academic achievement and the quality of education for students, to improve teacher quality, and to improve school performance. Allowable activities include, among others: professional development; class-size reduction; community service programs; consumer and personal finance education; programs to hire and support school nurses; school based mental health services; alternative education programs; pre-K programs; academic intervention programs; smaller learning communities; activities and services to advance student achievement; service-learning activities; school safety programs; Title I supplemental educational services; dropout prevention; gifted and talented education; and parental and community involvement.


2010-2011 Title V, Part A Budget Notification for Transferability (Application)

The U. S. Department of Education budget no longer includes an allocation for Title V, Part A (Innovative Education Programs). Title V-A, however, has not been eliminated. This development has several implications for Iowa districts:

  1. Iowa districts should not plan on receiving a Title V-A allocation.
  2. Districts may still transfer or, if eligible, REAP-flex money from other eligible programs into Title V-A and use those amounts according to the Title V-A regulations and guidelines.
  3. Only those districts that choose to transfer or REAP-flex money into Title V-A will be required to complete a Title V-A application.
  4. All districts will be required to complete a Final Report (and, if applicable, an acquisition list) related to their 2009-2010 REAPed funds received from other designated Title programs and transferred into Title V-A. This final report are due in February 15, 2011.

Reporting Requirements

2010-2011 Title V Final Report

2010-2011 Title V Acquisition Form


Indirect Cost Rates


Districts no longer receive a Title V allocation, refer to Update bullet #2 above.

2007-2008 Title V Allocations

2006-2007 Title V Allocations

2005-2006 Title V Allocations

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