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National Center on Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM)


National Center on Accessible Instructional Materials' website serves as a national resource to state and district-level educators, parents, publishers, conversion houses, accessible media producers, and others interested in learning more about and implementing AIM and NIMAS. At the site:

Learn: Expand your knowledge about AIM and some of the legal aspects of AIM.

  • Accessible Media (Images and Text)
  • Practice (Production and Acquisition & Distribution)
  • Policy (Federal and state Information)
  • Research (AIM Research and UDL Research)
  • History and Archives (NIMAS-Related Archives and Background Papers)

Experience: Interact with AIM through video and other resources.

  • Training and Teaching Resources (AIM Product Tutorials and AIM Navigator)
  • Technologies for AIM and NIMAS (Production- NIMAS Files Best Practices and Tools – NIMAS Conversion Tool)
  • AIM Across the Curriculum (Math and Science)

Collaborate: Advance AIM initiatives through active participation. Create and share knowledge about AIM.

  • AIM Center Activities and Initiatives (AIM Center, AIM Consortium, Interest Group Survey, Facebook, and YouTube)
  • NIMAS-Related Activities and Resources (NIMAS Center)

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