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True AIM


The True AIM website is a resource for Iowa educators and parents to learn more about Accessible Learning Materials, which includes Accessible Educational and Instructional Materials (AEM/AIM).

In most schools, print- and digitally-based instructional materials, such as textbooks, websites, and open educational resources, are a prime way of delivering curricular content. This delivery method works fine for many learners. But for others—those who struggle to read because of physical, sensory, cognitive, language, or learning differences—such materials do not provide an effective and efficient means of accessing content necessary to make growth toward grade-level standards. These students may require access to alternate formats of materials in order to access the general education curriculum. Such access is guaranteed in federal statutes, such as IDEA and NCLB, as well as Iowa's Rules of Special Education.

Finding Information Within the True AIM webpages

About True AIM - Contains background explanations including "What is AIM?" and "Who is Responsible for AIM in the Schools?".

Legal Requirements - Cites Federal legislation, both Civil Rights law and Special Education law, and references in Iowa Code regarding Special Education that address accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

Establishing Student Need for AIM - Supports teams in how to consider whether a student requires AIM/AEM in order to be successful in accessing their content materials to make growth toward rigorous grade-level standards.

Acquisition - Explains how to acquire Accessible Learning Materials in Iowa.

AIM in the IEP - Guidance for IEP teams on representing AIM in the IowaIDEA-Web IEP application.

Assistive Technology (AT) - Explains how AT and AIM work together; links to more AT information.

AIM Resources - Contains information for administrators, IEP teams, curriculum directors, and parents.

Frequently Asked Questions - Contains answers to a wide variety of questions on AIM; link to email additional questions of State AIM Coordinator.

National Center on Accessible Instructional Materials - Contains introduction to the extensive resources on the national AIM website; links to site.

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