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Programs for At-Risk Early Elementary Students


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The Iowa Programs for At-Risk Early Elementary Students is a grant made available to eligible Iowa public elementary schools in a year in which the Iowa legislature appropriates funds. The grant provides funds to assist schools in addressing the needs of kindergarten through third grade students who are at-risk of educational failure. Funds can be used to support K-3 at-risk elementary students in the areas of academic (cognitive), social, physical, or emotional development.

Funds are awarded to elementary schools with a high percentage of low-income families in grades K-3, as reported on the previous year’s fall certified enrollment report (SRI). Elementary schools notified by the Iowa Department of Education are eligible to receive funding.

Funds are awarded on a three-year cycle with annual renewal contingent upon the grantee meeting the requirements outlined in Iowa administrative rules.

Funds received under this program must be used to supplement, not supplant, funds that would otherwise be used for the activities supported by the program.

Due Dates, Forms, and Guidance

Due Dates:

  • Submit the 2019-20 Award Acceptance Form to the Department no later than June 21, 2019 (Google form).
  • Submit the Initial Project Description and Budget forms in by July 1, 2019.
  • Submit Mid-Year Progress Report and Claim in by February 21, 2020.
  • Submit End-Of-Year Progress Report and Claim in by July 31, 2020.

Grant Application and Implementation Guidance – Applicants should thoroughly read the Grant Application and Implementation Guidance before completing the Initial Project and Budget forms on

Online application forms are accessible on the website.

New users: refer to the - Grantee Instructions for Registering document for instructions on how to set up an account or transfer an account.

Laws, Rules, and Policy

Iowa Code section 279.51

281--Iowa Administrative Code 65 (effective May 31, 2017)

281--Iowa Administrative Code 98 (effective March 21, 2018)


2018-2019 Programs for At-Risk Early Elementary Students Awards

2017-2018 Programs for At-Risk Early Elementary Students Awards

Questions? Contact Leigh Bellville at or 515-689-3717 regarding progress reports and Tana Mullen at or 515-281-3333 regarding fiscal claims and questions pertaining to the system.

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