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Planning for Delivery and Implementation in Social Studies


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Implementation of the Standards

Implementation science shows that implementation is a marathon, not a sprint.


Other Materials

Inquiry-Centered Classrooms

Creating an inquiry-based classroom takes purposeful planning.

Planning for Inquiry

The Inquiry in Social Studies Poster - Highlights the following stages in planning for inquiry in the social studies classroom.

  • Explore Standards
  • Develop Questions
  • Gather Resources
  • Communicate Conclusions

Developing Questions

Designing Rigorous Curriculum

Karin Hess has designed the Hess Cognitive Rigor Matrix for Social Studies/Humanities applying Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Levels to Bloom’s Cognitive Process Dimensions. Check out more resources on Karin Hess' website.

Developing a Scope and Sequence

Unit and Lesson Planning


Various templates to use when thinking about unit and lesson planning.

Standards at a Glance



These guides provide an example of how a specific grade/content area has approached thinking about the bundling of standards into cohesive units throughout the course of a grade level/course. Check out these examples:

Alignment Tools

  • Aligned Instructional Practice - This resource from Achieve the Core outlines what aligned instruction looks like.
  • Achieve - This includes a toolkit for alignment of instructional and assessment materials to the Iowa Core. Although predominantly designed to look for alignment of the Literacy standards, these tools can also be helpful to examine alignment with any standards.
  • Open Educational Resources (OER) Rubric - These rubrics help teachers determine the degree of alignment between OER materials and standards.
  • Ed Reports - A resource that rates instructional materials aligned to the Iowa Core Literacy and Math standards.
  • The Rubric to Evaluate the Quality of Units in Social Studies helps teachers and districts evaluate the quality of instructional units in social studies and is modeled after the EQuIP rubric in ELA/Literacy, Mathematics, and Science.

Reflective Tools

Best Practices in Social Studies Rubric - A reflective tool for classroom teachers to use to gauge how they are thinking about and implementing research-based practices in social studies.