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World History - Content Area Resources in Social Studies


9/11 Tribute Museum - Offers visitors the ability to learn factual information about the events, the unprecedented rescue and recovery operations and the rebuilding of both Lower Manhattan and of people’s lives.

American Battle Monuments Commission - Provides activities and resources pertaining to World War I and World War II searchable by grade level, war and subject.

Best of History Websites - Allows you to browse by topic to find helpful websites.

Big History Project - Provides curriculum for middle and high school students over 13.8 billion years of history.

C3 Teachers - Website explains and hosts resources related to the Inquiry Design Model based on the idea of developing inquiry based lessons and activities for students. Also as a part of the website is a IDM Generator to help educators create online-based IDM lessons. (NOTE: Must have a free account to access)

Center for Middle Eastern Studies - Provides a wide range of books, videos, lesson plans and more that are able to check out. CMES also offers conferences, workshops and opportunities for educators.

Core Knowledge History and Geography - A comprehensive program in world and American history and geography, integrating topics in civics and the arts.

Crash Course - Provides high quality educational videos to all through courses ranging from humanities to science.

Echoes and Reflections - Empowers middle and high school teachers with professional development and classroom materials including lesson plans, videos and much more.

Hemispheres: The International Outreach Consortium - Works with educators, school districts, and state officials to "fill in the gaps" between teacher knowledge and the set goals of curricular mandates. Their curriculum units include tools such as background information, primary source readings, detailed maps, worksheets and activities to make it ready to use in the classroom for free.

IEEE Reach - Provides free educational resources that explore the relationship between science, technology and engineering with social studies and the humanities.

Indian Ocean in World History - Helps educators incorporate the Indian Ocean into world studies by providing learning tools, era maps, and lesson plans.

Modern History Sourcebook - Provides educators and students documents on Modern European history, Americans history, Western Civilization and World Cultures to facilitate learning. 

Programs for Teaching East Asia - Strives to enhance and expand teaching and learning about East Asia at the elementary and secondary school levels by providing curriculum, professional development opportunities and other resources.

Reading Like a Historian - Find lesson plans that teaches students how to investigate historical questions by employing reading strategies such as sourcing, contextualizing, corroborating, and close reading.

United States Holocaust Museum - Learn about the Holocaust, remember the survivors and victims, and combat genocide and antisemitism through the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. They provide an encyclopedia, introduction to the Holocaust and resources.

Visualizing Cultures - Uses technology and hitherto inaccessible visual materials to reconstruct the past as people of the time visualized the world, or imagined it to be. The Visualizing Cultures Curriculum offers a full complement of standards-compliant lessons, providing a pathway for teachers and students to become active historians and knowledgeable readers of images.

Wilson Center Digital Archive - Provides once-secret documents from governments and organizations all over the world.

World Digital Library - Contains free of charge and multilingual format primary materials from all countries and cultures that promotes international and intercultural understanding.

World History for Us All - An innovative model curriculum geared towards middle and high school students. They offer teaching units, lesson plans and resources.

World History Matters - Find a portal to numerous world history websites at World History Matters.

World Savvy Classrooms - Aligned with and supports Common Core State standards, the program integrates global competence learning into classrooms with professional development and consulting for teachers and project based learning for K-12 students.

World War I Museum - Dedicated to remembering, understanding and interpreting the war and its impacts. They provide exhibitions and educational programs that engage diverse audiences.

World War II Museum - Offers fun and educational programs, online and distance learning programs, student resources, and innovative exhibits and extensive collection of artifacts.