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Implementation Map for Administrators, Coaches and Teachers (IMpACT) for Science



The Implementation Map for Administrators, Coaches and Teachers (IMpACT) is a tool designed as a self-reflection to assist in determination of the level of implementation of the Iowa Science Standards and the five innovations of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). These innovations include: the use of relevant phenomena, three-dimensional learning, coherence of instruction, integration of math and ELA, and a focus on addressing inequalities. The IMpACT draws heavily from Achieve's EQuIP Rubric for Science and PEEC alignment tools, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction as well as the NGSS Appendices.

Intended Users

  • Administrators - It should be noted that the IMpACT is not designed as a teacher evaluation tool. School leaders may choose to use the IMpACT as means to inform conversations with science teachers, assist in making decisions about instructional materials and curriculum, and/or generally support teachers’ implementation of the Iowa Science Standards and three-dimensional teaching and learning outlined in the NGSS.
  • Instructional Coaches - The IMpACT can serve as a meaningful resource during coaching cycles and professional learning. Instructional coaches might use the IMpACT to help teachers initially characterize their implementation of the Iowa science standards and help to inform the focus of subsequent coaching conversations. The Science Resources provide support during coaching cycles.
  • In- and Pre-service Teachers - The IMpACT gives teachers intentional language around the implementation of the Iowa science standards. Teachers may choose to focus on one criteria (see below), one aspect of one criterion, or use the entire IMpACT to characterize their implementation. The descriptors for each aspect of implementation should provide insight into what actions teachers can take to deepen implementation of the standards and help focus ongoing professional learning. Additionally, the Science Resources provide targeted opportunities to learn more about each aspect.
  • Informal Educators and Professional Development Providers - The IMpACT can also serve as a guide for those entities that support teachers and support science education in informal environments. The criteria presented are good reminders of the expectation of the Iowa Science Standards with regard to how science instruction and learning should look. Informal educators and professional development providers are encouraged to weave the IMpACT into their work, making both implied and explicit connections when able.

Supporting Documents


The IMpACT provides a description of five implementation criteria, an outcome statement, and descriptors of various levels of implementation. In order to help educators identify areas of strength as well as areas of potential growth, the IMpACT provides descriptors of no implementation, beginning implementation, implementation, and expanding implementation for each feature within the five criteria. The five criteria include:

Iowa Science Standards: IMpACT as a Document - A document with all of the information contained on the IMpACT webpages.

Iowa Science Standards: IMpACT as a Google Form - This version of the IMpACT allows users to complete any/all of the five criteria using an online form and receive a PDF of their responses.


Created 2018 through the work of M. Sanderman, P. Christensen, K. Kilibarda; Updated 2020 through the work of E. Hall, M. Sanderman, T. Jarrett, S. Nelson, K. Schmidt