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Statewide Mathematics Leadership Team (SMLT)


Vision Statement

The vision for Mathematics in Iowa is for Iowa learners to experience high levels of success and develop the capacity to continually grow as successful, healthy, and productive citizens in a global community.

Mission Statement

Create excellence in mathematics education through leadership and service.


The purpose of the Statewide Mathematics Leadership Team is to collaboratively implement the vision for mathematics teaching and learning in the state of Iowa. Our focus is supporting instruction, assessment, and professional development for educators.  The team is comprised of individuals representing Classroom Teachers, Teacher Leaders, Instructional Coaches, AEAs, Institutes of Higher Education, and Professional Organizations across the state.  

Steering Committee Members

  • Maryann Huey, Drake University
  • Dianne Royer, Heartland AEA
  • Donna McClain, Prairie Lakes AEA
  • Amy Keller, Grant Wood AEA
  • Shannon Pasvogel, Mississippi Bend AEA
  • Tera Schechinger, Green Hill AEA
  • Janelle Schorg, Northwest AEA
  • Sarah Seick, Keystone AEA
  • Lynn Selking, Great Prairie AEA
  • Jennifer Schilling, Central Rivers AEA
  • Jeremiah McGraw, Cedar Rapids Community School District

Printed from the Iowa Department of Education website on October 20, 2020 at 8:35pm.