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Teaching the Iowa Core Language Standards


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Conventions of Standard Language

Achieve the Core's Language Assessment Guidelines - Read new guidance around assessing grammar and language conventions, and explore the grade-by-grade assessment models.

National Council of Teachers of English - Find resources to teach grammar.

The National Writing Project - Links to the grammar and usage resource page.

Spelling Counts - Argues that spelling is an important skill because it offers a means for successful expression of thoughts and ideas.

"Why Teach Spelling?" - Dr. Deborah Reed, Director of the Iowa Reading Research Center, provides research on why spelling instruction matters and a checklist for evaluating a spelling program.

Knowledge of Language

Use Interpretation to Guide Application

Close Reading Informational Texts Like a Writer - Outlines the use of an anchor chart to explore the different kinds of details/craft moves in an informational text.

Sentence Combining - Find out how to teach the rules of sentence structure by doing.

Sentence Expanding: Helping Students Build Stronger Sentences - Explore how to develop students into writers who expand on their ideas and develop strong, grammatically-correct sentences.

Vocabulary Acquisition and Use

The Art and Science of Teaching: Six Steps to Better Vocabulary Instruction - Elaborates on the six-step strategy works at every grade level, from kindergarten to high school.

Building Academic Vocabulary - Highlights five pieces exploring the research-based practices for vocabulary instruction.

Content Area Vocabulary Learning - Recommends techniques to support the development of vocabulary in the content areas.

Dimensions and Features of Academic Language - Watch a video clip that defines academic language.

Effective Vocabulary Instruction - Addresses the high correlation in the research literature of word knowledge with reading comprehension.

Four Practical Principles for Enhancing Vocabulary Instruction - Illustrates four principles drawing on instructional materials, classroom images, and observational data from research.  

Reading Rockets Teaching Vocabulary - Find lesson models for teaching vocabulary, explaining idioms, fostering word consciousness, instruction for ELs, and mnemonic strategies.

Vocabulary and the Common Core - Provides a vocabulary research paper and four practice exercises for use in PD or self-teaching on vocabulary instruction with the Standards. 

Frayer Model - Uses a graphic organizer for vocabulary building.

Word Maps - Teach students to think about terms or concepts in several ways by using a graphic organizer.