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Future Ready PK-12


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The Iowa Department of Education (Department) has a single priority of ensuring that all learners are Future Ready at all ages and stages of growth. This expands our definition of Future Readiness and inclusion of all Department work to include preschool through 12th grade to prepare all learners for their future at every step of their educational journey. The Department has reorganized to support this work to ensure statewide sustainability.

Paraeducator Certification Fall Grant

Candidates entering the Paraeducator-to-Teacher model must be certified paraeducators in Iowa or have earned an associate or bachelor's degree to take part in the Registered Apprenticeship program per the requirements outlined in the Teacher and Paraeducator Registered Apprenticeship (TPRA) Program Notice of Funding available through Iowa Workforce Development. Visit the Earn to Learn website for program details.

There is no cost to eligible candidates who complete their coursework toward the Paraeducator Certificate through an approved training provider when the communicated timeline is met. Awarded training providers will work directly with the Department to submit claims prior to Sept. 8, 2022 for registration fees (tuition, fees, books) to receive reimbursement for funds expiring September 2022. During the first five days of registration, priority will be given to the students/candidates enrolled in the TPRA program through the TPRA school districts. If there are seats available, they will be made available to others. Grants will be awarded based on a first-come, first-served basis.

Candidates seeking a paraeducator certification and who are participating in one of the Registered Apprenticeship models must register into one of the following approved programs. While this is not a requirement of paraeducator certification, candidates may select the program that awards transferable credits that would apply to their TPRA program. The following programs will prioritize registration for candidates needing paraeducator certification in the TPRA grant the first five days of registration. If there are additional openings, other paraeducator candidates may register until grant funding is exhausted.

Approved Paraeducator Participating Programs for Fall

  1. Indian Hills Community College
    Capacity: 83
    Class Timeline: August 29, 2022 - November 16, 2022
    Registration Deadline: Prior August 29, Last day to register September 6, 2022
    Registration Link
    Contact: Debra Vos at
  2. Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency
    Capacity: 30
    Registration Deadline: September 6, 2022
    Class Timeline: September 10, 2022-December 10, 2022
    Direct link for Registration
    Contact: or 515-705-7148; or 712-346-5005
  3. Kirkwood Community College
    Capacity: 64
    Registration Deadline: Prior to August 22, 2022-December 13, 2022
    Class Timeline: August 22, 2022-December 13, 2022
    Registration Link
    Paraeducator Program Questions:
  4. Iowa Western Community College
    Capacity: 40
    Registration Deadline: September 6, 2022
    Class Timeline: September 26, 2022-December 16, 2022
    Registration Link
    Contact: Tammy Leehy at or 712-325-3415
  5. Heartland Area Education Agency
    Capacity: 65
    Registration Deadline: Contact the program
    Class Timeline: September 6, 2022-December 21, 2022
    Registration Link
    Contact: Brandie Gean at or 515-270-0405
  6. Iowa Central Community College
    Capacity: 100
    Registration Deadline: August 22-Last day to register: August 26, 2022
    Class Timeline: August 22, 2022-December 15, 2022
    Registration Link
    Contact: Jeffrey Halter at or 515-574-1198
  7. Northwest Area Education Agency
    Capacity: 50
    Consideration is given for late registrations within a week of the start date.
    Class Timeline: August 31, 2022-November 28, 2022
    Registration: Link for Para 3; Link for Para 2; Link for Para 1
    Contact: Judy Sweetman at or 5712-222-6088
  8. Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency
    Capacity: 25
    Registration Deadline: September 5, 2022
    Class Timeline: September 6, 2022-December 27, 2022
    Course #203985 - Registration Link
    Contact: Heather Whitman at
  9. Upper Iowa University
    Capacity: 60
    Registration Deadline: August 29, 2022
    Class Timeline: August 29, 2022-October 20, 2022
    Registration Link
    Individuals need to select "undergraduate", "non-degree seeking" and online. 
    There should then be an option for the paraeducator certification.
    Contact: Billie Cowley at or 563-425-5845
    • High School and Adult-to-Paraeducator Registered Apprenticeship: A registered apprenticeship model designed to help high school students and working adults begin a career as a paraeducator (Teacher Aide 1) while earning credit toward an associate degree.
    • Paraeducator-to-Teacher Registered Apprenticeship: A registered apprenticeship model designed to help paraeducators (Teacher Aide 1) continue to work while earning credit toward a bachelor’s degree and teaching license.
    1. Leadership and Infrastructure focused on enhancing local implementation of MTSS and evidence-based practices;
    2. Accelerated Learning and Closing Gaps focused on unfinished learning and achievement gaps;
    3. Social-Emotional-Behavioral Health focused on supporting schools to create safe, healthy, and caring learning environments.

Candidates should contact the programs listed above directly to register for the coursework.

Teacher and Paraeducator Registered Apprenticeship Pilot

To grow Iowa’s teacher and paraeducator talent pipeline and support expansion of Registered Apprenticeship in high schools, 134 school districts have been awarded a total of $45.6 million in competitive grants as part of Gov. Reynolds’ new Teacher Registered Apprenticeship Pilot Program. Federal relief funding through the American Rescue Plan of 2021's State and Local Emergency Relief Funds have been allocated to fund these competitive grants for public school districts partnering with an eligible community college or four-year college or university under the following Registered Apprenticeship models:

Program Details

Visit the Earn and Learn Website for more detailed information about the pilot program.


Note: Include the context of your question in the subject line of the email: Funding, Program Registration, Technical Assistance or Reporting.

Teacher Retention Payments

In her Condition of the State address on Jan. 11, 2022, Governor Kim Reynolds announced that full-time classroom teachers in Iowa would receive a retention payment for their work during the COVID-19 pandemic. In recognition of this work, and as a means of providing premium pay to our educators, the State of Iowa will offer $1,000 to each full-time pre-kindergarten through grade 12 (PK-12) in-person classroom teacher who stayed on the job through the pandemic and continues teaching to the end of this school year.

On the governor’s behalf, the Department and Department of Administrative Services will offer every eligible full-time in-person classroom teacher in the state a retention payment of $1,000 to complete the remainder of their teaching assignment for the current academic year ending June 30, 2022.

Use of State and Federal Funds to Promote Teacher Retention Guidance - Provides eligible full-time in-person PK-12 classroom teachers and their employers with information on the requirements to receive a teacher retention payment.

Teacher Retention Payment Frequently Asked Questions

Department of Human Services Schools

Department of Human Services schools will work directly with the Department of Administrative Services and should contact them directly for payment requirements.

Partnerships and Exploratory Projects

Partnerships and exploratory projects expand our resources, impact, and understanding of what it takes to implement and sustain work across our state. This includes a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) framework focused on academics and social-emotional-behavioral health (SEBH) across all districts and schools in Iowa and projects needed to build capacity for workforce preparation and community colleges, including:

The Network

The Network will ensure Iowa has a sustainable network of high-quality trainers, facilitators, and coaches. The Network will leverage expertise to support Iowa schools who need the most support to improve outcomes for all learners. The Network will work closely with districts and schools designated as needing Targeted and Comprehensive Support and Improvement (TSI/CSI) to develop and implement comprehensive improvement plans focused on accelerating learning and providing the social-emotional-behavioral support needed to prepare all learners for their future at every step of their educational journey.

Leadership Academy

The purpose of a Leadership Academy is to build statewide capacity to engage in collaborative learning to enhance local implementation of evidence-based practices. Regional Leadership Academy professional learning will be provided, open to all, with priority access for TSI and CSI schools and districts.

The Network and the Leadership Academy

Network staff will receive specialized training and common professional learning and coaching in evidence-based practices grounded in MTSS.

In turn, the Network will build statewide capacity Regional Leadership Academies, or professional learning opportunities focused on specific learning areas of need, and open to all educational leaders and teachers in the state, with priority around TSI/CSI schools.

The Network will provide professional learning and direct coaching to district, school, and program personnel around effective implementation of evidence-based practices across three priority areas:

Future Ready Iowa Webinar Recordings and Materials

Date Webinar Recording Materials
Nov. 18, 2021 Foundations for Accelerating Learning Nov. 18 Presentation Slides
Dec. 16, 2021 Accelerating Literacy Dec. 16 Presentation Slides
Jan. 13, 2022 Accelerating Math Jan. 13 Presentation Slides
Feb. 10, 2022 Accelerating Social-Emotional-Behavioral Health Feb. 10 Presentation Slides
Visit the Governor’s Future Ready Iowa website for more information on the statewide initiative.

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