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Future Ready PK-12


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The Iowa Department of Education has a single priority of ensuring that all learners are Future Ready at all ages and stages of growth. This expands our definition of Future Readiness and inclusion of all Department work to include preschool through 12th grade, to prepare all learners for their future at every step of their educational journey. The Department has reorganized to support this work to ensure statewide sustainability.

Partnerships and Exploratory Projects

Partnerships and Exploratory Projects expand our resources, impact, and understanding of what it takes to implement and sustain work across our state. This includes a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) framework focused on academics and social-emotional-behavioral health (SEBH) across all districts and schools in Iowa and projects needed to build capacity for workforce preparation and community colleges, including:

Innovation and Implementation Network (The Network)

The Network will ensure Iowa has a sustainable network of high-quality trainers, facilitators and coaches. The Network will leverage expertise in all corners of the state, including professionals from universities, community agencies, Area Education Agencies, and district leaders supported through Teacher Leadership and Compensation. Agencies and individuals with specific expertise may apply to be part of the Network in the fall/winter of 2021.

Leadership Academy

The purpose of the Leadership Academy is to build statewide capacity to engage in collaborative learning to enhance local implementation of evidence-based practices.

The Network and the Leadership Academy

Network staff will be provided with specialized training and common professional learning and coaching in evidence-based practices grounded in MTSS.  

In turn, the Network will build statewide capacity through the Leadership Academy.  Membership of the Academy are the implementers - district and school leaders, teachers and staff who implement practices closest to students at the nexus of teaching and learning.

The Network will provide professional learning and direct coaching to district, school, and program personnel who are members of the Leadership Academy around effective implementation of evidence-based practices across three priority areas:

  1. Leadership and Infrastructure, focused on enhancing local implementation of MTSS and evidence-based practices;
  2. Accelerated Learning and Closing Gaps, focused on unfinished learning and achievement gaps;
  3. Social-Emotional-Behavioral Health, focused on supporting schools to create safe, healthy and caring learning environments.

Future Ready Iowa Webinar Series

The Department will support an FRI Webinar Series throughout the 2021-22 year, culminating with the Leadership Academy Conference in June 2022.

Upcoming Webinars

Date and Time Topic and Webinar Link
Dec. 16, 2021 3:30-4:30 p.m. Accelerating Literacy
Jan. 13, 2022 3:30-4:30 p.m. Accelerating Math
Feb. 10, 2022 3:30-4:30 p.m. Accelerating Social-Emotional Behavioral Health

Webinar Recordings and Materials

Date Webinar Recording
(added within one business
day of the webinar date)
Sept. 9, 2021 Future Ready in PK-12 Sept. 9 Presentation Slides
Nov. 18, 2021 Foundations for Accelerating Learning Nov. 18 Presentation Slides
Visit the Governor’s Future Ready Iowa website for more information on the statewide initiative.

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