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Evaluation (TLC System)


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The central focus of the Department’s evaluation plan is on ensuring the TLC system achieves the goals of attracting and retaining effective teachers, promoting collaboration, rewarding professional growth and effective teaching, and improving student achievement by strengthening instruction. Our approach to evaluation includes four components: BEDS analysis, plan change tracker, end of year report, and external support.

TLC Evaluation Key Components

End-of-Year Reporting

Each school district is asked to file an End-of-Year Report. This report serves as an opportunity for districts to reflect on their progress toward the vision and goals of their TLC plan. For the State of Iowa and the Department, it serves as one method of accountability for a significant investment of state funds. For the Department, it also serves as an opportunity to track progress toward locally-determined TLC goals aligned to the state goals, to monitor trends, and identify supports for districts.

The TLC Reporting and Plan application is available on the Iowa Education Portal for superintendents and other district TLC contacts. The application provides a centralized location to view, edit, and submit annual End of Year Reports. To access the application, log in to the Iowa Education Portal with your A&A account and look under the EdInfo menu for TLC Reporting and Plan. If you do not have an A&A account, select ‘Create an Account’ at the top of the login screen.

The 2021-22 End-of-Year Report form is now open in the Iowa Educational Portal. Reports due July 1, 2022.

2021-22 TLC End-of-Year Reporting PowerPoint

View District End-of-Year Reports.

Statewide End-of-Year Reports

Annual Reports