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Children Two Years Old - Information for Families

By 2 Years Old

I Can:

  • Walk, run, and climb without help
  • Go up and down stairs without holding on
  • Love to use the word "no"
  • Have frequent temper outbursts when I’m mad, tired, or upset
  • Put 2 and 3 words together in simple sentences
  • Use about 50 or more words frequently
  • Sing songs or say rhymes
  • Feed myself and drink from a cup without a lid
  • Resist sharing my toys with other children

My Family Can:

  • Talk to me about everyday things and help me learn new words
  • When we read, let me hold the book and turn the pages
  • Be calm and comforting after my temper outbursts, I need to know you still love me
  • Be consistent with what I can and can not do
  • Show me what to do, use very simple instructions
  • Catch me being good; encourage me many times during the day

Health and Safety:

  • Supervise me always in the tub or around any water
  • Keep me in a car seat that fits toddlers in the back seat of a car
  • Provide me with three small, balanced meals and healthy snacks each day
  • I may be a picky eater
  • I may have a regular time for a bowel movement each day and fewer wet diapers
  • Take me to the dentist and check to make sure my teeth get enough fluoride
  • Keep candles, matches, and lighters far away from where I can reach them


Printed from the Iowa Department of Education website on January 22, 2021 at 11:27pm.