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Children Five Years Old - Information for Families

By 5 Years Old

I Can:

  • Help me understand and follow a few simple "rules"
  • Read, read, read to me
  • Point out words and familiar symbols for me to name
  • Sort and count all kinds of household things with me
  • Talk about things that are "in, out, on, under, and behind"
  • Let me help plan activities and events
  • Catch me being good and encourage all of the good things I do

My Family Can:

  • Pay attention to me when I’m talking and add a little "new information
  • Let me dress myself but help with buttons and zippers
  • Understand that I still might have nighttime "accidents"
  • Give me opportunities to play with other children my age
  • Help me understand about how others have "feelings"
  • Let me help you with things the grown ups do
  • Give me crayons and markers so that I can practice "drawing"

Health and Safety:

  • I still need to ride in the back seat with seat belt buckled
  • Help me learn my full name and address
  • Talk to me about our fire plan at home
  • I need 9 or 10 hours of sleep at night
  • I like plain and simple food with balanced meals
  • I need milk, juice, and water rather than pop or tea
  • I’ll need all my immunizations up to date to start school
  • Continue my "well-child" check-ups with my


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