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Children Birth to 3 Months Old - Information for Families

By 3 Months Old

I Can:

  • Lift head and chest when lying on my stomach
  • Follow a moving object or person with my eyes
  • Grasp a rattle or finger
  • Wiggle and kick my legs
  • Smile back at people
  • Make cooing or babbling sounds
  • Cry in different ways to tell you what I need

My Family Can:

  • Give me different and interesting things to look at
  • Provide me with big, soft, and safe toys to explore with my mouth
  • Hold me when feeding me a bottle
  • Follow my natural schedule for feeding and sleeping
  • Comfort me by talking in a soft and soothing voice
  • Cuddle and hold me frequently

Health and Safety:

  • Let me sleep 14 to 17 hours each day
  • Follow the doctor’s directions on what to feed me
  • I should not go to sleep in my bed with a bottle
  • Protect my skin and eyes from direct sunshine
  • Put me to sleep on my back
  • Place me securely in the back seat in a safe car seat that fits me
  • Wipe my gums with a soft cloth each day
  • Have my hearing screened before I am 3 months old
  • Help me support my head and neck when you hold me upright
  • Follow the doctor’s schedule for check ups

Printed from the Iowa Department of Education website on January 19, 2021 at 10:24pm.