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Children 13 to 18 Months Old - Information for Families

By 18 Months Old

I Can:

  • Walk without help
  • Climb up and down on things
  • Stand up and sit down without holding on
  • Like to push, pull, and take things apart
  • Begin to show a “temper” when I can’t do something I want
  • Understand simple, one step directions
  • Use more meaningful, single words, gesture and use words together
  • "Cling" to caretakers in new situations

My Family Can:

  • Let me play alone but within sight of familiar people for a few minutes at a time
  • Be consistent with my feeding, napping, and bedtime routines
  • Divert me from doing the things I should not
  • Show me what I can do and use very simple one step directions
  • Hold me and read simple stories
  • Teach me simple songs, sing them over and over
  • At bath time point to and name some of my body parts

Health and Safety:

  • Wash my hands well before I eat
  • Expect I can get into many things and places, toddler-proof inside and outside
  • Never leave me near any water source even for a minute
  • Keep me within your sight while you are on the phone
  • I can be a picky eater, offer choices of new foods but don’t force me to try
  • Don’t pretend that medicine or vitamins are “candy”
  • Brush my teeth daily, toothpaste may be needed so check with my dentist
  • My appetite may decrease, but I still need milk and water
  • Offer me a variety of foods and let me choose


Printed from the Iowa Department of Education website on January 19, 2021 at 10:31pm.