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Children 10 to 12 Months Old - Information for Families

By 12 Months Old

I Can:

  • Stand alone holding on to furniture
  • "Cruise" around holding on
  • Take beginning steps towards walking alone
  • Say a few meaningful words
  • Point to a few objects when asked to find
  • Dance or bounce to music
  • Respond to my very own name
  • Want my parents or caregivers to always be where I can see them
  • Show fear or anxiety of people I don’t know

My Family Can:

  • Be consistent with my schedule for sleeping and feeding
  • Help me learn what I shouldn't do by saying "No" in a firm but quiet voice
  • Show me what I can do; move me away or give me something else to touch
  • Let me carry a special toy or blanket to feel secure
  • Play outside with me, sing to me, read to me, talk to me

Health and Safety:

  • Feed me 3 meals a day and several healthy snacks between
  • Help me use a cup to drink milk and water
  • Let me try to feed myself, I’ll be messy
  • Keep me in your sight at all times
  • Continue to use a car seat (in the back seat) approved for my size
  • Brush my teeth daily with a soft toothbrush and water
  • Take me to my first dental visit
  • My eyes should be clear, not watery or red
  • Re-baby proof the house for me walking and climbing


Printed from the Iowa Department of Education website on January 22, 2021 at 11:21pm.