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Every Child Reads 3-5

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Every Child Reads 3-5 (ECR 3-5) is a statewide initiative led by the Iowa Department of Education. The goal of the ECR 3-5 initiative is to expand the capacity of early care and education systems (including early childhood care and education providers) to use language, reading, and writing strategies to enhance the literacy development of children ages 3 to 5 years.

Enhancing the literacy development of preschool children increases their readiness for school. The ECR 3-5 training curriculum was designed to teach early care and education providers, including staff in preschools and childcare facilities, as well as individuals who care for children other than their own in-home settings.

Early Childhood Care and Education Providers Modules

The information on this page contains the three modules (language, reading, and writing) to be used by early childhood trainers addressing early literacy.

Parent Modules

I can help my child be a reader! Lessons for Parents in Supporting Early Literacy - The following modules provide step-by-step training for parents and other significant adults to increase the amount of time they spend reading and talking with their children.


Lesson 1 - Talking with your child, Part 1

Lesson 2 - Talking with your child, Part 2

Lesson 3 - Asking questions

Lesson 4 - Responding to words your child is saying: Teaching New Words

Lesson 5 - Using songs to teach new words

Lesson 6 - Retelling personal stories


Using Books and Literacy Activities to Teach Social-Emotional Skills is a 3-hour follow-up module to Every Child Reads 3-5. Participants will review three ECR reading strategies: (1) connecting the book to the children's lives and experiences, (2) teaching children new words, and (3) asking children questions.

A Rhyme a Week - Nursery Rhymes for Early Literacy

Nursery Rhymes Theme Preschool Activities and Crafts

Family Night Nursery Rhymes - Ideas for nursery rhyme stations/centers

Nursery Rhymes Worksheets and Printables

Story Props for Books and Nursery Rhymes

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