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Early Childhood Iowa

Early Childhood Iowa (ECI) coordinates efforts to create and support the early care, health and education system of systems. Within its structure, ECI includes a network of 38 local ECI area boards that serve all 99 Iowa counties. The Early Childhood Iowa Board, through the ECI State Office, leads the initiative to ensure fiscal and programmatic accountability and coordinates state-level early childhood systems work to create better outcomes for young children and their families.

ECI believes that ensuring a strong start for every child is a shared responsibility of every member of the Iowa community and promotes our state's early childhood vision: "Every child, beginning at birth, will be healthy & successful." In order to make this vision a reality, ECI programs receive ongoing support to achieve proven results for children ages 0 to 5 years and their families.

ECI brings communities together—parents; child care, human service, and health care providers; educators; business people; and the faith community—to identify strengths, needs, and gaps in services in the community. Through the identification of the community’s gaps in services, ECI area boards provide tools and resources to fully engage young children in learning opportunities so they can grow to be healthy, productive, and well-rounded students, parents, workers, and leaders.

The Iowa Department of Education is represented on the state-level Early Childhood Iowa Board and the state technical assistance team to provide support for local areas and promote early care, health, and education services.

Funding Sources

The Iowa Department of Education administers the School Ready state funds allocated to ECI.

Area Boards for support of comprehensive early care, health, and education services for children, families, and early childhood professionals.


The Early Childhood Iowa website has information about the state system, local systems, A-Z index, recent news, and upcoming events.

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