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Professional Learning Resources for Gifted


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Inquiry In Action in Classrooms - Great resource with actual clips of Inquiry-based learning.

Do schools kill creativity? - TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson that addresses how our system is killing creativity in our kids.

Gifted, creative and highly sensitive children - TED Talk by a mother of gifted children and consultant for educators. She highlights the unique needs of gifted students.

The neuroscience of imagination - A TEDEd animation video explaining the way the brain handles imagination.

What adults can learn from kids - A child prodigy shares what adults need to learn.

The puzzle of motivation - Daniel Pink talks about how people are motivated, and rewards might not be as great as many think.

Weird, or just different? - A TED Talk that looks at different perspectives.

The Power of belief - mindset and success - This TED Talk focuses on the importance of understanding one’s own intelligence.


Use Flexible Pacing to Embrace Students' Differences - This is a short ASCD Inservice by a teacher. It focuses on asynchronous teaching.

Does Your School Support Deep, Long-Lasting Learning? Part 2: Flexible, Student-Centered Learning - (EdWeek - Must sign in for free membership) A look at the benefits of flexible learning.

Contract Learning: Pros and Cons - The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. This blog covers the basics about contracts.

How to Teach Creativity - Thoughtful Learning provides a simple overview of creativity.

Project-Based Learning - This is an Edutopia blog with numerous articles and videos on project-based learning.

50 Smart Ideas for Project-Based Learning - Teachthought created this blog and it has over 50 ideas!

Coaching Resources

Exceptionally gifted children: Different minds - From the Davidson Institute, comparing the thinking skills of extremely gifted to moderately gifted.

Tutorial: Concrete vs. Abstract Thinking - LEARNet. Very rich resource with information and application.

Teaching Abstract Thinking - HeadScratchers. Several ideas for teaching abstract thinking after using concrete examples.

Build on Their Strengths with Inductive Learning Byrdseed. Ideas to challenge gifted thinkers.

Setting the Record Straight About Ability Grouping - EdWeek - Must sign in for free membership. Research shows that ability grouping works.

Flexible Grouping as a Differentiated Instruction Strategy - What flexible groups are, how to create them, and how to manage them.

Learning to Choose, Choosing to Learn: Section I: The Purpose and Power of Choice - ASCD. Overview of why and how to incorporate student choice.