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Foster Care Claim certification deadline (Certification required for acceptance of funds)


Monday, August 1, 2022 - 4:30pm
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Regular education students under the care and supervision of the Department of Human Services and identified as being in foster care or a student placed in a psychiatric medical institute for children during the school year are eligible to be included in the regular education foster care claim if the district ends the year by serving students in either category for more days than the fall’s funding would have generated. Student information from the fall and spring Student Reporting in Iowa is used to generate the foster care claim. The application opens during July, following the completion of the spring end-of-year SRI reporting. Final date to apply for a claim is August 1. See Iowa Code 282.31 and Iowa Code 282.27 (5) for more information. 

Printed from the Iowa Department of Education website on August 18, 2022 at 5:33pm.