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EdInsight - Data Warehouse


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EdInsight is Iowa's education data warehouse, giving educators ability to transform data into information.

Access to EdInsight is available through the Iowa Education Portal under the approval of the local Security Officer within a district/school.

EdInsight Reports

EdInsight offers pre-formatted reports designed to answer an educational question quickly, with a minimum of training. EdInsight also contains multiple data cubes providing end users the ability to do ad hoc analyses.

EdInsight Report Guide – This document lists reports currently available through EdInsight. For a more thorough and complete description of each report’s purpose, the specific data that is included, data calculations, and interpretation guidance, users are encouraged to view the report definitions in EdInsight.

AEA Contacts

EdInsight is supported by a network of trainers and site coordinators at the AEAs. This network provides professional development in data use and literacy as well as EdInsight reporting and analysis training.

To sign up for training, contact your AEA liaison.

AEA Contact Email
Keystone Bev Burns
Tesha Ruley
Central Rivers Joe Kremer
Prairie Lakes Maurita Aubrey
Mississippi Bend Jessica Giovannini
August Raack
Brian Brock
Derek Casillas
Grant Wood Dulcie Lauritsen
Kelly Jones
Heartland Berrett Rice
Karla Day
Green Hills Sherry Huffman
Great Prairie Sally Lindgren
Northwest Erin Vander Velde