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Spring BEDS


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Spring BEDS collects a variety of information from public districts and nonpublic schools, including bullying data, EL program and professional development data, and test monitoring. Information about district calendars, start-end dates and school instructional minutes for the coming year are also collected.

Spring 2020 Documentation

Application updates

  • Minor changes to Iowa Test Security form
  • Biliteracy Seal form - Public Districts do not need to complete; data is collected in Spring SRI
  • Deletion of Kindergarten Programs form (moved to Fall BEDS)

2019-2020 Spring BEDS Reference Manual

Spring 2019 Documentation

Application updates:

  • Addition of Iowa Test Security form
  • Addition of EOP Verification form
  • Addition of Biliteracy Seal form
  • Removal of Technology Access form
  • Removal of Early Childhood section

2018-2019 Spring BEDS - Changes Overview (slides)

2018-2019 Spring BEDS Reference Manual

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