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Fall BEDS Staff


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The Fall BEDS Staff collects position, assignment, and compensation data from public districts, state-accredited nonpublic schools, and AEAs.

Important Fall BEDS Staff (FBS) Dates


2020-2021 Fall BEDS Staff Documentation

2020-2021 Fall BEDS Staff User Guide

2020-2021 Fall BEDS Staff A-Z Special Topics

2020-2021 Fall BEDS Staff Definitions and Validations

2020-2021 Fall BEDS Staff File Layout

2020-2021 Fall Staff Code Sets

Shared Staff

Teacher Leader Requirements_2020-2021

BEDS Crosswalk 2020

School Courses for the Exchange of Data (SCED) v7

2019-2020 Fall BEDS Staff Documentation

2019-2020 FBS User Guide

2019-2020 FBS A-Z Special Topics

2019-2020 Fall BEDS Staff Definitions and Validations

2019-2020 Fall BEDS Staff File Layout

2019-2020 Fall Staff Code Sets

2019-2020 Shared Staff

2019-2020 Teacher Leader Requirements

BOEE License Search

BOEE BEDS Staff Crosswalk

Specific Issues Contacts

Issue Contact Phone Email
Fall BEDS Staff Reporting Shelly Neese 515-281-3111
Board of Educational Examiners (endorsement questions) Mike Cavin
Joanne Tubbs
Teacher Leadership and Compensation Lora Rasey 515-281-6719

2018-2019 Fall BEDS Staff Documentation

FBS User Guide 2018-2019

FBS A-Z Special Topics 2018-2019


Fall Staff Code Sets 2018-2019

FBS File Layouts 2018-2019

School Courses for the Exchange of Data (SCED) (version 8.0)

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