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Student Reporting in Iowa Tutorials


Certified Enrollment Via Student Reporting in Iowa (44:35) - Recorded 9-22-20. Brief Overview of Certified Enrollment and Supplementary Weighting application for Fall 2020. Offers some hints and reminders as well.

Using Cedar Connect (23:26) - Recorded 9-1-20. Takes you through the basics of using Cedar Connect.  Starting a collection, correcting validation errors, and submitting data to Student Reporting in Iowa (SRI) are all discussed.

Student Reporting in Iowa (SRI) for New Users (30:18) - Recorded 9-10-20. Introduces the array of reports housed in SRI.

SRI Updates for 2020-2021 (21:24) - Recorded 08-05-2020. Gives updates/deleted elements/changed elements for SRI collection, also some hints and reminders for Student Reporting in Iowa.

Graduate Verification Application (13:53) - Walks you through the Graduate Verification Application. As presented on 08/15/2018.

Supplementary Weighting - Non Fall (9:00) - Walks through the Supplementary Weighting - Non Fall application. As presented 5/21/2018.

SRI Spring 2019 (19:32) - Covers highlights and reminders for Student Reporting in Iowa (SRI) for Spring 2019.

Dropout Report (8:55) - Walks through the various tabs in the Dropout Report.

Understanding the Accreditation Report (11:05) - Explains the Curriculum Accreditation Report, which is found in Winter SRI. It describes the four main focus areas when checking for accuracy and common mistakes that are made.

Coding Non Secondary Level Courses (13:57) - Describes how to link students to teachers at the non-secondary level. If courses are not scheduled, this webcast will instruct the user how to make the linkage in the SIS. For scheduled courses, the webcast will take the user through creating the SCED code for the course.

Accreditation Program Area ‘0’ (3:21) - Addresses some of the commonly asked questions on the use of Accreditation Program Area ‘0’ Not Used for Accreditation. It starts by giving an overview of the Chapter 12 Accreditation requirements and then gives examples of courses that use the Accreditation Program Area of ‘0’.

SCED Coding 101 (18:18) - Introduces the user to SCED codes for secondary level courses. Examples of SCED codes are given, and the user has the opportunity to practice creating SCED codes.

Printed from the Iowa Department of Education website on October 21, 2020 at 2:22pm.