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Consolidated Accountability and Support Application (CASA)


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The Consolidated Accountability and Support Application (CASA) is designed to be a one-stop shop for compliance information in all areas. This application will house requirements for Chapter 12 - General Accreditation, Federal Requirements including ESSA and IDEA, as well as Comprehensive School Improvement Plans and Desk Audits. These changes are being made to limit the number of sources of information and reduce the burden on districts and consultants. Additionally, this new application will serve as a single place to enter plans for improvement and streamline reporting of basic information for differentiated accountability.

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Instructions for CASA Access

Help and Support

2019-2020 Help and Support Assignments

2019-2020 Requirements

Due September 15

Due October 1

Due October 15

Due December 15

Due March 15

Due May 15

  • SAMI must be marked as "Complete" (Any uncompleted SAMI submissions will be removed from the system after the due date)
  • Action Plan Questions must be submitted to the district for approval (Targeted and Comprehensive buildings only)
  • Action Plan Table must be submitted to the district for approval (Targeted and Comprehensive buildings only)

Due June 7

  • District Approval of ESSA Requirements – Staff must approve all Action Plan Questions and Action Plan Table submissions for the buildings designated as Targeted or Comprehensive under ESSA.

2019-2020 Consolidated Application Requirements

Application Assistance

Claim Periods

Agencies receiving Title funding are required to submit quarterly claims during each of the windows below

  • First Quarter - November 1-30
  • Second Quarter - January 1-31
  • Third Quarter - April 1-30 (extended to May 15th)
  • Fourth Quarter - June 1 - July 15

Annual reports are due for the following Title programs prior to submitting the fourth quarter claim

Due September 20

Due October 1

  • Finalize Nonpublic Consultation Agreements - School year 2019-20
  • Allocations and Transfers (district transfers of Title program funding) – Superintendent or School Business Official Only

Due October 15

2020-2021 Consolidated Application Requirements

The following collections are required during the 2019-20 school year to prepare for the 2020-21 Consolidated Application, which is scheduled to open September 1.

Due March 15

Due April 1

Due May 1

Corrective Action Log

The purpose of the Corrective Action Log is to consolidate citations for noncompliance into a single location. In addition to facilitating communication between the Department and the agency that has been cited, this application logs required actions, important dates, and supporting documentation.

Instructions for Completing Citation Requirements


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